Burning Man 2020


Reflections of swag, burning man, and covid 2020

Canceled Ø no burning man 2020. The shadowbox for the 2020 burn with the 2019 swag was finished and ready for the playa. It is still sitting waiting for the playa as I build the 2021 shadowbox with 2020 burning man swag. I am anticipating no burning man in 2021 either. We’ll see.

The surprise was that burners continued to make swag! Lady Bee wrote to me “Makers have to make!” She commented that she was surprised as well.

There are a few burning man groups on Facebook for swag and makers. These groups keep the spark alive. There are friendships forged as we all shelter in place. These sites encourage trading and gifting of swag.

This format is problematic for me as I tend to not join these groups or follow Facebook. It was impossible to not be connected in someway or my shadowbox project would have disappeared. So I am very grateful for the people that helped with posting and all of the people that responded. You have make my world so bright with all your kind notes.

The swag that was sent to me has the name of the sender. In most cases there were the makers, but not always. Some swag gifted was swag from previous years. I have included them with 2020 swag. I had a great time making the shadow boxes! The response was so great I needed two!

2020 Shadow Boxes Just Finished

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