The Swag of Burning Man

The Swag of Burning Man

Reflections of 2021

  Another year has past and another shadowbox has been created. I am now holding 4 boxes that will be on the playa this year. There is a 2020 shadowbox with 2019 swag, two shadowboxes for 2021 with swag from 2020 and the newest box for 2022 with “Renegade” 2021 swag. All swag has been posted to this site, not all swag is labeled with the maker or who gifted it, though.
In 2021, I made it to the playa for the “Renegade” burn. It was relatively      stress free,   no  tickets,  no “port – a – potties”,  no  assigned  placement  and  total
self reliance. Very Fun!

I met new friends that wouldn’t have been there if a ticket was needed. I caught up with old friends as well. The smoke from California fires hovered above us without much thought. The dust storms were almost non existent without the semi trucks driving through all week.

I’m looking forward to the 2022 burn with all four shadowboxes in tow.
Thank you for all your support on and off playa.

Each of you make my life so much richer.

I can’t wait for “Dusty Hugs” on the playa!

Cookie Brings You All The Swag!

Contact Lorrie about getting your swag in next year’s shadow box